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I’m Chris Hankins and I’m so glad you stopped by!

I describe myself as a serial church planter by design, calling and belief.

1. Design – God has given me the unique wiring of an entrepreneur who thrives on starting new things.

2. Calling – God has given me an inescapable calling to catalyze church planting movements in Raleigh/Durham & around the world.

3. Belief – I truly believe church planting is the most effective method of Evangelism known to man.

The church in America is stalled at best.  80% of churches in America are either declining or plateaued.  Most church leaders have the desire to point people to Jesus, but have not seen the results they dreamed of when they signed up to lead.  However, the reality is that your church can grow, reach people, and even multiply into a church planting movement in your city or region.

We developed this site to help you lead your existing church, church plant or church planting organization grow and multiply new churches. 

Through this site and the resources provided, I plan to share reproducible concepts I have learned from my own ministry journey of planting and watching God grow The Point Church into one of the fasting growing churches in America.  I will post brand new content from myself each month along with content from other cutting edge leaders in the arena of church planting.  Want to know where to start? Read this article first!

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Interested in knowing more about me?

To find out more about my ministry journey, family, and other interesting nuggets (like my life goals before I was a pastor) head over to the About Me page.

I pray this site will help you to see more people in your community encounter Jesus than ever before.

Thanks for joining the journey!



Photo by Jennifer Lagrange